Wednesday 17 July 2019

Suppliers and business partners

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Our operations have established quality management systems certified according to ISO 9000, and for cement and ready-mix products we comply with all relevant European quality standards. We are committed to improving safety standards among our suppliers, especially those in areas identified as high risk, such as the transportation of goods and materials, maintenance services and quarrying.

ΤΙΤΑN Group Code of Conduct for Procurement sets out our standards for a responsible supply chain management. For new suppliers, this is implemented by a procedure communicating our expectations from the first contact a supplier has with TITAN. Existing suppliers are becoming aware of these expectations through meetings, workshops and contracts’ amendments curried out in 2008.

We have contributed to the Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI) guidelines on suppliers and we have begun a consultation process at local level to ensure the engagement of our suppliers in the implementation of the guidelines. We are seeking opportunities to engage with local suppliers and relevant industry associations through local Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and sustainability networks.

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