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CSR is not a new idea. It is historically tied to the development and evolution of private business from the
beginning of commerce in the 16th century and, later, to the industrial revolution. Concepts such as
sponsorships and philanthropy were well-known in ancient as well as modern Greece, while during the Enlightenment concepts such as “utopian socialism” were widespread.

In 1987, the now well-known Brutland Report is published, coining the term “sustainable development” and
emphasizing the need to promote and apply a new type of precautionary approach to the environment and its
protection in order to ensure sustainable future growth.

A variety of terms, often used interchangeably, are used to define the concept of corporate social
responsibility such as business ethics, corporate accountability, sustainable development and others.

At the beginning of the 1990s, the term was used in contradistinction to many of the negative developments
publicly revealed throughout the decade related to violations of fundamental rights and freedoms of
employees, as well as those of citizens, in developing countries.

For the TITAN Group, CSR is a tradition disseminated through our concept of branching out and adding
value from the parent company, TITAN CEMENT S.A. to all new Group companies and activities.

Milestones of the TITAN Group CSR initiatives and activities

  • Formulation of Group strategic objectives and publication of corporate values directly related to Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
  • Participation in the establishment of Hellenic CSR Network
  • Launching in Greece of “FAOS”, a local partnership initiative focused on accident prevention at schools

  • Cooperation with other cement industries for the implementation of the Battelle Study, which led to the establishment of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development / Cement Sustainability Initiative (WBCSD/CSI)

  • Launching of a special CSR campaign throughout Greece to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of TITAN Cement S.A., parent company of TITAN Group
  • Joining the U.N. Global Compact Initiative

  • Participation as a core member in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and its Cement Sustainability Initiative
  • Publication of TITAN’s 1st Group CSR and Sustainability Report in line with GRI principles

2008 & 2010
  • Stakeholders’ Forum
  • Engaging with key stakeholders through open and interactive communication is a long-term practice followed by the TITAN Group, aiming at enhancing transparency, building mutual trust and understanding and continuously improving its CSR and sustainability strategy and practices.

    In line with the commitments it had voluntarily undertaken TITAN proceeded to organize the 1st Stakeholders’ Forum.

    The 1st Stakeholders’ Forum to be held on the national level was staged by TITAN on Friday 17 October 2008, at the Kamari plant. It was attended by customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders – as well as representatives of local government, civil society and the academic community.

    On 1st March 2010 two more Stakeholders’ Forums were held – at the TITAN plants in Elefsina and Kamari.

  • Elefsina 2010
  • Kamari 2010
  • Kamari 2008

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