Saturday 17 November 2018


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CSR is strategically important for TITAN.

We have encouraged the development of CSR structures at local and regional levels which support the participation of Group subsidiaries in local networks and joint efforts while at the same time facilitate the implementation and communication of local action plans.

The Group’s new infrastructures, systems and methods serve to boost its overall long-term competitiveness and make it possible for the Group to be acknowledged as “best in class” in certain sectors compared to its peers.

  • Sustainability Committee
  • CSR Department
    The TITAN Group CSR department is the advocate coordinator of the Group’s CSR effort, aided in its mission by a recently appointed network of Liaison Delegates per country and per Group function. Each region and country has formed its own local CSR Committee to develop and implement local CSR action plans.
  • Liaison Delegates

    The CSR Liaison Delegate appointed by the local management in each country is the contact person for both internal and external stakeholders.
  • Sectoral responsibilities
    In addition to the CSR Committee and CSR Department, two other Group-level departments play an especially important role in monitoring our CSR-related performance, complying with our commitments to various initiatives (such as the Cement Sustainability Initiative) and reporting on them.
    The Technical Department oversees the implementation of the latest technologies within the Group aimed at saving natural resources and protecting the environment. At the same time, the Group-level Environmental Department provides specialized know-how on all matters regarding the implementation of our environmental policy to all TITAN affiliates and members of our supply chain. In this way we share our knowledge and experience related to matters of environmental protection not only within the Group, but with those working with us outside the Group.


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