Wednesday 17 July 2019


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CSR is strategically important for TITAN.

We have encouraged the development of CSR structures at local and regional levels which support the participation of Group subsidiaries in local networks and joint efforts while at the same time facilitate the implementation and communication of local action plans.

The Group’s infrastructures, systems and methods serve to boost its overall long-term competitiveness.

  • Sustainability Committee
    The Sustainability Committee, one of the TITAN Group Board Committees has the purpose to strengthen and support management’s long-term approach to the triple bottom line, covering economic, environmental and social sustainability and to provide strategic direction on sustainability and corporate affairs issues to the Executive Committee. 
  • Sustainability Working Group
    The Sustainability Working Group is appointed by the Executive Committee and develops proposals and plans to ensure the implementation of sustainability strategy focused on social and environmental issues.  
  • CSR Department
    TITAN Group CSR department is the advocate coordinator of the Group’s CSR effort, aided in its mission by an appointed network of Liaison Delegates per country and per Group function. Each country has formed its own local CSR Committee to develop and implement local CSR action plans.
  • CSR Liaison Delegates Network
    The CSR Liaison Delegates Network is a Group-wide team that consists of managers and experts who represent the regions and countries where TITAN operates. The team supports the implementation of the Group strategy at local level as well as the sharing of know - how, expertise and best practices.
  • Local CSR and Sustainability Committees
    Operating in all countries where TITAN operates, they are responsible to direct and safeguard the implementation of the Group’s sustainability strategy considering stakeholders needs and expectations.


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