Monday 25 March 2019

CSR in Action

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In this section we highlight some of our CSR activities. These case studies reflect both the sectoral and geographic range of our initiatives, and have been categorized to reflect relevant stakeholder interests where appropriate.

For example, the Add Value program is listed under the “Employees” heading of this site.


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Category Country Year Title
SOCIETY AT LARGE, ACADEMICS North Macedonia 2016 The Usje cement plant at the BEST Job Fair
LOCAL COMMUNITIES, ENVIRONMENT Bulgaria 2016 “Adopt the Zlatna Panega River” Initiative
EΜPLOYEES, SOCIETY AT LARGE Kosovo 2016 “SA8000” Certification
LOCAL COMMUNITIES Kosovo 2016 “Selling Point”, a sub-project of LAB
LOCAL COMMUNITIES, ENVIRONMENT Kosovo 2016 “Silviculture”: A sub-project of the Laboratory of Business Activities (LAB)
SOCIETY AT LARGE United State of America 2016 “Women in Concrete” Networking Event
LOCAL COMMUNITIES, ENVIRONMENT United State of America 2016 10th Annual Catawba Creek Clean Up
EΜPLOYEES, LOCAL COMMUNITIES, SOCIETY AT LARGE Serbia 2016 40 years – We Are Building Connections
EΜPLOYEES, LOCAL COMMUNITIES Albania 2016 Antea's Vineyard
LOCAL COMMUNITIES Turkey 2016 Bicycles for Children
LOCAL COMMUNITIES, ENVIRONMENT Greece 2016 Biodiversity Management: update of quarry restoration studies and a new biodiversity study at the Leros aggregates quarry
ENVIRONMENT Greece 2016 Circular economy study – Collaborative action
LOCAL COMMUNITIES Bulgaria 2016 Collaborative Action for SOS Kinderdorf and the “St. Ivan Rilski” Children’s Home for Medical and Social Care
LOCAL COMMUNITIES, ENVIRONMENT Kosovo 2016 Cooperation with the Regional Environmental Center (REC)

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