Monday 25 June 2018

CSR in Action

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Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR in action: Stakeholder engagement

For the sixth consecutive year, the company has published its CSR and Sustainable Development Report, which fulfills the international guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative GRI G4 ‘Comprehensive’ and the UN Global Compact’s Advanced Communication on Progress requirements. The public presentation of the Report was a valuable opportunity for a dialogue with stakeholders who provided feedback which will serve as a basis for further improvements in reporting as well as in engaging with the community.

Another gathering with Kosjeric cement plant employees and guests, the Plant Open Day, was held on 24 September 2016 and offered a tour of our plant’s facilities, with the company’s experts providing visitors with detailed insight into the cement production process and the modern installations and technology. This was another opportunity for TITAN Serbia to mark 40 years of business operations. Nearly 140 visitors from the local community, together with former employees, customers, suppliers, and employees’ families attended the event, which featured educational programs, children’s activities and other entertainment.

In collaboration with the Maksim Marković Folk Ensemble, the Kosjeric cement plant organized a volunteer action to paint the fence and the interior of the local Inn, the oldest surviving building in Kosjeric, which is a protected historical monument and is used by the Folk Ensemble for rehearsals and daily activities. The action engaged over 50 participants from the Kosjeric cement plant and the Maksim Marković Ensemble, and was a part of the general renovations carried out on the exterior and interior of this historic site. The renovation project, financed by TITAN Serbia, ensured that the rehearsal rooms for almost 150 children from the community are safe and clean.

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