Saturday 15 December 2018

CSR in Action

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Wadi El Kamar Elementary Public School Renovation and Maintenance

As approved by the Alexandria Plant CSR Committee, renovating the Wadi El Kamar Elementary Public School is one of TITAN Egypt’s top priorities, and is expected to benefit 1,280 pupils and 54 staff.

The school’s main building was built in 1979, with a second one being built in 1984. Classrooms have an average capacity of 47 students. No restorations have been carried out by governmental authorities previously, and any maintenance required was carried out by the school’s management. There are no other elementary schools in the area.

  1. Coordinate with a reputable NGO (Partnership and Engineering Departments) for a school visit and a report prepared by the Alexandria Educational Building Authority.
  2. Results of visit and study-report in addition to expected budget were shared with the Alexandria cement plant’s CSR Committee.
  3. Engage through the TITAN Egypt Civil Engineering Team with one of the plant’s trusted contractors from the neighboring area to proceed with renovation using local laborers.

Coordinate with the Alexandria Educational Building Authority which will supervise the project as well as with the Army, which will offer support in certain complicated engineering tasks. The project is expected to be completed by April 2017, with a target opening date for the school of September 2017.

The project will maintain and ameliorate engagement with key external stakeholders, while at the same time providing a better educational environment for pupils and staff.

Report 2017