Saturday 15 December 2018

CSR in Action

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Cooperation with the Regional Environmental Center (REC)

As part of its strong commitment to environmental protection, especially concerning air pollution, the Sharr cement plant has signed a contract of cooperation with the Regional Environmental Center. Besides the direct results to do with the environment and sustainable development, this agreement strengthens the plant’s relations with stakeholders and the local communities, while at the same time it raises the public’s awareness with regard to environmental protection.

This year, the Sharr cement plant has been been closely involved with the REC to educate young people on the importance of water. Water, as a natural resource, is becoming increasingly scarce in many countries; thus, one of the major social and economic concerns worldwide is the water supply. The activity organized with the REC in March 2016 raised public awareness on the importance of water, of ensuring sufficient quantity and quality of water for the people, and the protection of water recourses from pollution.

The expected outcome of this cooperation is the promotion of environmental and sustainability practices in Kosovar society, while emphasizing that TITAN Kosovo is a socially responsible company which cares for important issues such as environmental protection.

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