Tuesday 22 January 2019

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For my Kosjeric 2016–

“For my Kosjeric” is an annual contest which initiates inclusive and long-term community development through the financial support of the best projects in the fields of culture, ecology, education and social inclusion submitted by local organizations and institutions. On the occasion of the fourth “For my Kosjeric” contest, TITAN Serbia awarded the best projects in a ceremony held on 11 March 2016. As a traditional part of the ceremony, last year’s winners presented the achievements and results of their project. These included the installation of computers and natural science lab equipment in the Primary School in Varda and the Technical School in Kosjeric. The Kosjeric cultural scene was enriched with two festivals: NGO Ko. AKTIVA’s BUM 31260 #5, a traditional summer event with rich artistic and cultural content offered to all of Kosjeric’s citizens, and the Maksim Marković Folk Ensemble’s Small Peasant Shoe Folklore Festival, intended for the youngest members of regional folk dance associations. The making of a documentary film about old wedding customs was a project carried out by the Vesnik Civic Association. As part of the Subjel Hiking and Environmental Association projects, our youngest fellow citizens had the opportunity to participate in two educational camps designed to provide children with various recreational activities, thus raising their awareness about physical health and the environment. Through its “Incubator Center ─ Sustainability is Education” project, Ko. AKTIVA launched a series of workshops intended for parents who wanted to improve their knowledge and skills in the field of childcare, gave a lecture dedicated to the prevention of pathological gambling among minors and adults, and offered various opportunities for personal development and growth.

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