Saturday 15 December 2018

CSR in Action

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Improved teaching conditions for schoolchildren in Kosjeric

After more than a decade of patient waiting, in December, 2016, the pupils of the “Mito Igumanović” elementary school moved in their renovated school building. For almost a century the building had stood as a reminder of the educational history in this area, but due to its age the structure had long remained unsafe for teaching. Works on the reconstruction of the facility lasted from late June to the end of October 2016, after which a heating system was installed and the furnishing of the premises began. As a result of this project, the school received five regular classrooms, two smaller classrooms, a teachers’ office, an amphitheatre, an exhibition space, a new space for an extended school day and an adapted toilet. The renovation of the school was financed by the Office for Public Investments Management; the furnishing of the interior was partly funded by a 1,000,000 dinars donated by TITAN Serbia, which was used for the purchase of benches and tables, pupils’ and teachers’ chairs and lockers for six classrooms, as well as the equipment for the teachers’ office. The number of additional classrooms allows all 625 pupils of the main school in Kosjeric to attend classes at the same time; in this way, it is easier for parents to coordinate their own and their children’s schedules, especially in the case of children who have to commute to school. With a modern look, new windows and a safe roof, a refreshed facade and interior comforts, the old school building is recognizable only by its basic structure.

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