Tuesday 22 January 2019

CSR in Action

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40 years – We Are Building Connections

A constant readiness for cooperation with the local community and the creation of a strong team spirit among our employees are the main purposes of TITAN Serbia’s “Sports Days” event, held every year on the occasion of the plant’s anniversary. In 2016, this anniversary held special significance since it marked the fortieth year of our company’s course as a successful business.

TITAN Serbia’s “Sports Days” begins with a foot race gathering about 80 people and organized by the “Subjelˮ Mountaineering and Environmental Association, α long-time collaborator of the plant, which is committed to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. This is followed by a five-day competition involving six different sports: football, volleyball, chess, table tennis, darts and archery. The number of participants usually exceeds one hundred persons, however the competitions are marked by fair play, high spirits and team support, contributing to the development of fair rivalry and reminding us of the importance of fostering the team spirit.

This festive day was a great opportunity to express gratitude to the employees and acknowledge their loyalty and commitment to the company through the allocation of jubilee awards. For the first time this year, instead of prizes given to the best employee Health and Safety proposals, the three best “Progress” proposals were awarded, thus encouraging the employees to engage in the continuous improvement of the working environment.

We shared our results on the occasion of the company’s 40th anniversary, which is marked by a decades-long successful work experience, tradition and business expertise. These practices have been developed together with the local community and our business partners, and have been supported by the loyalty of our current and former employees and based on a good collaboration with the local community representatives.

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