Tuesday 22 January 2019

CSR in Action

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United State of America
Energy Star®

In 2006, TΙΤΑΝ USA was looking for an industrial partner that could help us improve our environmental efforts and provide a third-party review of our performance. Thus, TΙΤΑΝ decided to partner with the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Under Energy Star®, TΙΤΑΝ USA agrees to submit to independent monitoring of its energy efficiency and reviews of environmental compliance. The Energy Star certification is only issued to cement plants that prove energy efficiency in the top 25% of all plants and have spotless environmental records. In 2016, our Roanoke Cement plant became the first cement plant in the history of the Energy Star Industrial program to receive 10 consecutive years of certification. This is a remarkable achievement that speaks volumes about both the company’s energy management program and environmental compliance. Beginning in January 2015, the company launched the Titan Energy Management System with the appointment of a full-time corporate level energy manager. The Titan energy management system was founded on the strong tools provided by the Energy Star® program, as well as the structure of IS0 50001.

This management system focuses on all aspects of our energy consumption from procurement, reliability, maintenance and operational improvements. Another key focus of our program is peak load management and emergency demand response which results in significant cost savings while helping grid operators manage natural resources. Following these practices, we have managed a total energy reduction of almost 9% including all kiln fuels, quarry fuels and electricity.
Link: http://www.roanoke.com/business/news/from-gritty-to-green-roanoke-cement-earns-th-straight-award/article_b3d6ec8e-fe4d-51a2-b01a-a67a7e0061d6.html

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