Wednesday 7 December 2016

Stakeholders Engagement

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Listening and responding to the concerns of our employees, local communities, customers, shareholders, suppliers and other stakeholders has been a driving force in our efforts at meeting effectively corporate social responsibility challenges.

According to definition given by AA 1000Stakeholder Engagement Standard “stakeholders are those groups who affect and/or could be affected by an organization’s activities, products or services and associated performance.” (

Mapping key stakeholder groups for TITAN Group, as suggested by “Communication and Stakeholder Involvement Guidebook for Cement Facilities, a supplementary tool by CSI members is presented in the graph below:

Employees, Local Communities, Customers, Investors, Governments, Suppliers and Contractors, NGOs, Unions.

Key issues of concern for TITAN main stakeholders:

  • Employment and employability
  • Working conditions and well-being of employees
  • Health and Safety (for employees, communities and contractors)
  • Environmental concerns (climate change and emissions, use of land, noise, dust and other emission)
  • Quality of life
  • Product quality and safety for customers and end-users
  • Stakeholder engagement objective and scope


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