Tuesday 22 January 2019

1st Stakeholders’ Forum in Kamari 2008

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Engaging with key stakeholders through open and interactive communication is a long-term practice followed by the TITAN Group, aiming at enhancing transparency, building mutual trust and understanding and continuously improving its CSR and sustainability strategy and practices.

In line with the commitments it had voluntarily undertaken TITAN proceeded to organize the 1st Stakeholders’ Forum on the national level. The Forum was held on 17 October 2008 at the facilities of the company’s Kamari plant, and was attended by TITAN employees, company and industry union representatives, financial analysts, investors and shareholders, suppliers and contractors, customers, mayors of neighboring municipalities, academics, representatives of NGOs such as Transparency International, WWF, Green Peace, Praksis, media executives.

The purpose of the Forum was a) to brief stakeholders on TITAN’s priorities and practices in the areas of CSR and Sustainable Growth, and b) to encourage an exchange of views on ways in which further improvements can be made.

This Forum was an innovative new undertaking on the national level. In its organization the company followed the general specifications laid down in international standard AA1000SE, relating to promotion of dialogue with stakeholders.

The Forum suggestions and joint conclusions will be used as valuable guidelines for planning, developing and implementing TITAN’s future Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Growth strategy in Greece. For this reason TITAN has widely communicated through press releases and its web-site both the deliberations and the outcome of this event and its intention to integrate the Forum recommendations in future initiatives.

For more information visit the www.stakeholdersforum.gr 

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