Saturday 15 December 2018


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Road Map for a better Elefsina

It will be impossible to adapt to continually changing global and local conditions without broader active involvement on the part of society and the business community.

It is this belief which led TITAN Cement S.A. to organize a consultation-forum at its Elefsina plant on the morning of 1st March 2010. The various interested parties attending - including representatives of local government, local trade unions and the TITAN management - discussed a wide range of key issues of shared interest.

Participants exchanged views and reached agreement on a road map of actions and measures to be taken towards implementing shared objectives.

The road map is characterized by absolute transparency and represents a commitment by all parties, TITAN first and foremost, to initiatives designed to secure long-term prosperity for all inhabitants of the region.

The plan envisages significant remodelling and upgrading of the TITAN installations and surrounding area - for the benefit of the whole community of Elefsina.

Mutual understanding and cooperation between businesses and the local community lies at the heart of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Road Map
Remodelling of Plant Grounds - Unification of Archaeological Sites
Modernization of Installations - Traffic Control Measures





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