Saturday 17 November 2018

Kamari 2010

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Practical implementation of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development involves joint action with stakeholders and continuous encouragement of collective endeavor in areas of common interest and of voluntary action in the community.

Action of precisely this kind was the objective of the afternoon session of the first forum for businesses and stakeholders in the Thriasio Pedio region, held on 1st March 2010 at the TITAN plant in Kamari. The forum was attended by mayors and leaders of the local councils of Elefsina, Aspropyrgos, Magoula, Mandra and Dervenohoria, representatives of leading businesses in the area (apart from TITAN these included ELPE [Hellenic Petroleum], DESFA [Hellenic Gas Transmission System Operator], HALYVOURGIKI and POLYECO), representatives of local NGOs and citizens actively involved in the community.

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