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The Stakeholders’ Forum held on 1st March 2010 at the TITAN plant in Kamari featured discussion of three areas of activity or axes under the general heading Collective endeavor in areas of common interest – Voluntary action in the community. It was attended by representatives (see detailed list) of local authority agencies, businesses active in the region, local NGOs and citizens actively involved in the community.
After presentations and discussion of the various individual items, the following decisions were taken:

Implementation of action axes:

  • The participants agreed to work together to implement actions under three key headings: Contribution of the business community, Contribution of local government, Involvement of citizens and agencies actively engaged in the community. They will continue their efforts to work together, and eventually commit themselves, in the implementation of joint initiatives. 
  • Announcements will be made shortly on the launching of individual initiatives. Specifically, the first seminars in health and safety for owners of contracting businesses and SMEs will be held before the end of March. 
  • It was agreed that the organization of an industrial training scheme for unemployed young people is an interesting idea but requires further consideration. A special committee will be set up for this purpose, to cooperate as appropriate with the Industrial and Vocational Training Institute (IVEPE).
  • It was also agreed that further Stakeholders’ Forums should be held, perhaps at regular intervals, to evaluate results and discuss possible new initiatives.

Coordination of individual actions

Axis 1. Collective endeavor in areas of common interest - The contribution of business

Action 1: Improvement of health and safety conditions for contractors’ crews and local SMEs

Coordinating team made up of representatives from: TITAN, EL.PE., HALYVOURGIKI

Action 2: Improvement of health and safety conditions for municipal waste removal personnel

Coordinating team made up of representatives from: Elefsina Council, ELINYAE, TITAN

Action 3: Industrial training for unemployed young people

Coordinating team made up of representatives from: DESFA, TITAN, IVEPE

Axis 2: Collective endeavor in areas of common interest: Local government initiatives on the environment

Action 1: Use of the Elefsina Council Environmental Information Centre to promote and disseminate local initiatives

Coordinator: Elefsina Council

Action 2: Management and recycling of bulky waste items

Coordinating team made up of representatives from: Elefsina Council, Aspropyrgos Council, Magoula Council, TITAN, ELPE, HALYVOURGIKI

Axis 3: Voluntary action in the community

It was agreed to promote and support the work of local NGOs, starting with support for voluntary action in local schools and forging closer links between the work of voluntary groups and the existing social services of local councils and NGOs.

It was proposed that the Thriasio Pedio Voluntary Workers Association cooperate with the local authority social services and business representatives in drawing up an inventory of possible uses of volunteers and coordinating the promotion of voluntary action in local schools.

Finally, it was agreed that the protection and showcasing of the cultural heritage are not the responsibility solely of the competent services; it is the duty of every citizen, local community and business to play their part in this area. It was therefore decided to examine the possibility of adopting initiatives to conserve and showcase local monuments and other features of the cultural heritage in the region, and to organize special events dedicated to this objective.

Forthcoming action:

  1. Dispatch of Draft Summary of Conclusions to participants for their comments and observations (see attached list of recipients)
  2. Appointment of persons to coordinating teams and working parties agreed for each joint action
  3. Publication of Conclusions through press releases and websites of businesses involved (under the Forum logo)
  4. Dispatch of Conclusions, accompanied by invitation to participate to other businesses in the region.

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