Monday 20 May 2019

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ΤΙΤΑΝ Efkarpia Plant: Tree planting on Sunday 3 March 2019

TITAN Efkarpia plant, with the participation of TITAN and INTERBETON employees and their families, is organizing a tree planting activity at the Efkarpia quarry on Sunday 3 March 2019, at 11:00 p.m.

The tree planting activity will take place in collaboration with local associations and organizations in Efkarpia and welcomes the participation of everyone from the Municipality of Pavlos Melas and neighboring municipalities.

More than 7.000 trees, shrubs and herbs from the TITAN nurseries will be planted in an area of 38 acres, where 175,640 cubic meters of filling materials have already been deposited. This project will last between March and October 2019, based on the appropriate planting period for each type.

This tree planting is part of the rehabilitation of the former Efkarpia quarry of TITAN, aiming at the protection and utilization of the bio-social and topographical configuration of the site, the protection of biodiversity and the creation of green spaces for local residents. The relevant studies were carried out by TITAN, in collaboration with the organizations and associations of the Municipality of Pavlos Melas, while, based on a decision of the Environment Protection Directorate of Thessaloniki, the Company has completed the restoration of this area with filling materials from the construction of the METRO project and other works in Thessaloniki.

For more information and directions to the meeting point, please contact Mr. Anestis Selengidis, 2310-398610.

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