Wednesday 20 March 2019

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Students apply innovative technologies at the TITAN plant in Nea Efkarpia

3D Design and Printing Seminars with the collaboration of TITAN, Aristoteleion University and Alexandrion Technical College

The 4th round of the successful 3D design and printing training seminars organized in the Nea Efkarpia plant, with the collaboration of TITAN, the Alexandrion Technical College and the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, is due to start at the end of February. The seminars, addressed to primary, secondary and high school students from the areas of Nea Efkarpia, Lagina and Oreokastro, aim to prepare children for a future reality through the application of innovative technologies.

The program already accepts participation requests for the upcoming round. The duration of each round is at least 8 hours per student. The participation is free and the necessary equipment is provided by the TITAN Nea Efkarpia plant. Since October 2017, 300 children have attended the seminars.

The seminars are designed and supervised by faculty members of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki, and the Department of Automation Engineering, Alexandrion Technical College of Thessaloniki. They include all stages of a project, from analyzing its requirements and designing it, to the printing of its parts in three-dimensional printers. Students have the opportunity to become acquainted with the application of mathematics, physics, engineering and Information Technology (STEM), the interaction of which helps them to develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, inclination for innovation, creativity and team spirit. Responsible for the training are experienced teachers, associates of the Laboratory of Machine Tools and Modular Engineering from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the Aristoteleion University of Thessaloniki.

For more information and applications, please contact Ms. Zoi Kolovou, Social Worker at Nea Efkarpia’s plant (tel. 2310 398642, email:


Youth Matters: our actions for young people
Supporting young people in their transition from education to employment is a top priority for TITAN. To this effect, the Company has developed a constructive collaboration with the academic community, which includes, among other: Protocols of Collaboration with university and polytechnic schools, educational and training programs through internships, career days and other similar events, visits to universities, educational programs on TITAN’s locations, collaboration with student initiatives etc. These initiatives are undertaken within the framework of the European Pact for Youth, a mutual commitment of institutions and businesses to establish synergies for quality in education and training, with a view to increasing the inclusive employability of young people. TITAN Group was among the first companies to sign the Pact.

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