Wednesday 17 July 2019

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TITAN Cement S.A. received the first Award in the Process category in the Greek National Scheme of the 2013-2014 European Business Awards for the Environment

The Company was also awarded a distinction for its programme on Biodiversity conservation.

TITAN received the first Award in the Process category the national leg of the 2013-2014 European Business Awards for the Environment, in recognition of its ongoing commitment to the environment through specialised and focused actions that promote sustainable development. TITAN excels in the utilisation of secondary fuels and alternative raw materials in the cement production process, aiming at a decrease in the use of non-renewable natural resources and a reduction of greenhouse emissions, while also significantly contributing to an efficient “circular economy”.

“TITAN is the first Greek cement industry to have successfully utilised alternative raw materials and secondary fuels for cement production. Every year, we use approximately 600,000 tons of by-products and save more than 60,000 tons of CO2. This award serves as an acknowledgment of our efforts”, said Alexandros Katsiamboulas, Environmental Senior Manager, Cement Division-Greece.

TITAN also received a no classification distinction in the “Biodiversity” category, in acknowledgement of its targeted actions to protect the biodiversity in the areas where it operates. TITAN applies advanced practices to restore the natural environment of the quarries and takes special measures to preserve the flora & fauna. At the same time, it develops and implements integrated studies in line with international standards and tools, thereby contributing to the implementation of the recently announced Greek National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan.

The evaluation Committee of the Greek nominees for the European Business Awards for the Environment included representatives of State agencies, Academia, Non-Governmental Organisations, businesses and the green technology sector, with knowledge and proven experience on issues of sustainable development, while the evaluation criteria were set by the European Commission – DG Environment. The awards were organised on behalf of the European Commission by PASEPPE (Hellenic Federation of Environmental Protection Companies) under the auspices of the Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

The awards ceremony took place at the Eugenides Foundation on Wednesday September 24th, 2014, in the presence of the Minister of the Environment, Energy and Climate Change, Mr. Yiannis Maniatis.

The TITAN Group is an independent producer of cement and other construction materials, with 110 years of industrial experience. Based in Greece, the Group has cement production plants in nine countries. It is organized in four geographical sectors: Greece and western Europe; the USA; south-eastern Europe; the eastern Mediterranean. Throughout its history the TITAN Group has sought to combine the highest operational efficiency with respect for human values, society and the environment. For more information, visit the Group’s website at

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