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People Development

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We believe that our people deserve the best support, within a working environment that supports people to learn, grow and succeed.

In TITAN such a learning working environment is created by a combination of our:

  • Performance & Development Process
  • Development Programs & Knowledge sharing 
  • Leadership growth

As part of our Performance & Development review, we evaluate performance and potential and use the outcome as the basis for crafting individual development plans to sharpen our capabilities and knowledge, to embrace new skills and competencies, as well as to formulate our succession planning.

We offer a wide range of learning experiences for our people, ranging from embedding our Code of Conduct and TITAN values, to leadership development, technical skills improvement and acquiring recognized professional qualifications.

Development Programs - Examples of practices across the Group

STEP (Self Training E-Learning) PROGRAM

STEP is an annual TITAN Group development initiative addressed to our people managers from all TITAN regions and based on content provided by Harvard Business Publishing that encompasses the high standards of Harvard Business School leadership practices. It contains a flexible, up-to-date and demanding content that aims to further develop managerial & leadership skills. It facilitates not only the exchange of best practices and insights about common everyday managerial issues but also the cooperation of cross BU/Functional working groups, contributing towards forming a common TITAN Group identity.

This program follows a blend of learning methods, including e-learning modules, case studies, assessment tests, individual and team assignments as well as workshops.


CMentors is a program aiming to support the development of our TITAN engineers, so that they become first-rate cement professionals and highly-valued Cement mentors. The program adopts a combination of learning methods ranging from, e-learning modules on basic cement technology – from quarries to cement dispatch - and on the job training, including field work and classroom training, linking theory to practice. The expected outcomes of the program are the formulation of TITAN Operating Procedures for each production phase, based on plant’s machinery/equipment, as well as the development of our engineers’ technical skills and broader competencies, such as creativity, initiative, problem solving, learning to learn, communication and team-work.

TITAN America Leadership (TAL) program

TAL is a values-centered leadership program developed by TITAN America. It is designed to help managers of TITAN America discover and develop their leadership potential, starting from the ability to lead oneself and expanding to the ability to lead others and lead the business. The TAL curriculum has been internally developed and the faculty members are TITAN America’s senior leaders, including TA CEO, Business Unit Presidents and the VP of HR.

It is a highly interactive program, with the objective of provoking thought, emotion and learning from each other. The faculty brings their own personal experience and touch into the program, aiming to ‘tune-in’ to participants and making the program’s content real and authentic, fun and refreshing, while at the same time opening people and leading to a two-way learning and development.

Career Pre-Heater

Career Preheater is an intensive in-house classroom-based learning program for Greek cement operations, consisting of 28 training modules. The need, on one hand, to transmit valuable knowledge and experience to newly-hired staff and, on the other, to integrate new employees into our corporate culture has led to the formulation of an integrated training system entitled Career Preheater.

Its purpose is to develop effectively the technological skills, leadership competencies and behaviors of new professionals. Group experts, as well as external trainers, work together in implementing this initiative.

Development Planning Guide

In the context of our People Development efforts, we have created the Development Planning Guide. This Guide defines the necessary training to respond to the development needs of each employee who is based in Greece. These development needs are linked to the areas identified in the performance appraisal dialogue.

In order to provide complete information, the Guide gives all the necessary details for each seminar: its objective; its target employees to whom it should be addressed; its main subject matters; time and duration; training method used; particular skills to be developed. It also clarifies whether there is a prerequisite course for the seminar’s participant to have attended beforehand.

The Guide includes three broad skills clusters: Personal Skills, People Management Skills, and Professional Knowledge Skills.

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