Saturday 24 March 2018

Nomination and Corporate Governance Committee

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  • Domna Mirasyesi - Bernitsa, Independent, Non-executive member of the Board


  • Efstratios-Georgios Arapoglou, Chairman and Νon-executive Member of the Board
  • Hiro Athanassiou, Independent Non-executive Member of the Board


The Committee is responsible for making recommendations for the appointment of new directors to the Board, ensuring that succession plans are in place and advising the Board on the proper implementation of the Corporate Governance Principles considering applicable law, best practices worldwide and the Corporate Governance Code adopted by the Company.


The Committee consists of three non-executive directors appointed by the Board, at least two of which must be independent non-executive directors. The Chairman's duties are assigned to one of the independent members of the Committee, and the duties of the Secretary are performed by the Secretary of the Board of Directors.

The term of office of the members of the Committee is commensurate to the term of the Board of Directors.


The Committee holds an ordinary meeting within the first quarter of each year and extraordinary meetings whenever it is deemed appropriate by the Chairman or any member of the Committee.

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