Saturday 15 December 2018

Executive Committee

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  • Dimitrios Papalexopoulos, Chief Executive Officer


  • Sokrates Baltzis, Executive Director, Egypt & Group Trading
  • Michael Colakides, Group Chief Financial Officer and Senior Advisor on Strategy
  • Kostas Derdemezis, Executive Director Albania, Fyrom, Kosovo, & Serbia
  • Giannis Kollas, Group Human Resources, Executive Director
  • Christos Panagopoulos, Executive Director Turkey & Bulgaria
  • Yianni Paniaras, Executive Director Greek Region
  • Alexandra Papalexopoulou-Benopoulou, Executive Member of the Board, Group Strategic Planning, Executive Director
  • Fokion Tasoulas, Group Engineering & Technology, Executive Director
  • Bill Zarkalis, Executive Member of the Board and Director of the USA Region and Chief Executive Officer of TITAN Αmerica LLC (effective 01.08.2014)


  • Antonis Kyrkos, Deputy Group Strategic Planning Director


The Executive Committee is responsible for designing and proposing to the Board of Directors the Company’s strategy, as well as for the daily management of all Company affairs and the coordination of its operations. To this effect, the Executive Committee may invite to its meetings, as deemed appropriate with regard to the meetings’ agenda, the competent Senior Managers of the Company.

The Company’s Legal Counsel may also participate in the meetings, if deemed necessary.

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