Tuesday 22 January 2019

Sustainability Committee

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  • Dimitrios Papalexopoulos, Chief Executive Officer


  • Nellos Canellopoulos, Vice-Chairman of the Board
  • Takis-Panagiotis Canellopoulos, Executive member of the Board
  • Giannis Kollas, Group Human Resources, Executive Director
  • Yanni Paniaras, Group Corporate Affairs Executive Director
  • Fokion Tasoulas, Group Engineering & Technology, Executive Director
  • Efthimios Vidalis, Non-executive member of the Board, Group Advisor on Strategy and Sustainable Development


To strengthen and support the Group’s long-term approach that the triple bottom line, covering economic, environmental and social responsibility, represents an important part of Titan’s identity and strategy and to ensure that this triple bottom line is embraced in all aspects of the decision-making process.

To provide strategic direction to the Executive Committee, concerning sustainability, on all Company affairs.

Report 2017