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1902 The Company is founded with the establishment of the first cement plant in the town of Elefsina, Greece.
1911 The Company becomes a "Société Anonyme" under the name "TITAN Cement S.A.".
1912 Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange.
1924 Elefsina plant gets powered by own-produced electricity.
1933 The Company realizes its first cement exports.
1937 Elefsina plant goes through a complete renovation program, which includes the replacement of vertical kilns with rotary ones.
1951-1957 1.Production of the Elefsina plant is drastically increased by 15fold as a result of the continuous rise of exports, which now represent 52% of TITAN’S sales and 50% of the total greek cement exports.
2. White cement is produced and distributed in Greece and abroad.
1960 The first electrostatic filter in Greece is installed at the Elefsina plant.
1962 Inauguration of TITAN’S second cement plant in Nea Efkarpia, Thessaloniki, Greece.
1968 Titan’s third cement plant at Drepano in the Peloponnese region becomes operational.
1971 1. Addition of new production unit at the Drepano plant results in the tripling of production.
2. The principle of environmental restoration is established.
1976 Kick off production of fourth cement plant, in Kamari (near Athens).
1978 INTERBETON Construction Materials S. A. is founded, with the objective of production, transportation and trading of concrete. 
1979 1. First floating distribution terminals at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and Alexandria, Egypt.
2. NAFTITAN Maritime and Transportation Enterprises S.A., a TITAN subsidiary, assumes the management and coordination of the Group’s marine transportation of cement. 
1980 TITAN is second in the list of the biggest export industries of Greece.
1985 First exports to USA.
1988 Establishment of distribution terminal in the United States (Port of Newark, New Jersey). 
1989-1994 Cement distribution terminals in Western Europe: Venice, Italy - Marseille, France - Hull, United Kingdom
1991 Focus on the Group’s vertical integration through the investment in quarries and ready-mix concrete units.
1992 Acquisition of controlling stake in Roanoke Cement, Virginia, USA.
1997 INTERMIX dry mortar production begins in Greece.
1998 1. Majority shareholding acquired in Plevenski Cement, Bulgaria and Cementarnica Usje, North Macedonia.
2.Expansion and modernization of the Roanoke plant.
1999 Majority shareholding acquired in Beni Suef Cement, Egypt (a TITAN - LAFARGE joint venture) and operation of new terminal in Safaga, Egypt. 
2000 Acquisition of TARMAC AMERICA Inc. through the acquisition of 100% of the Roanoke (Virginia) and Pennsuco (Florida) units, quarries, ready-mix concrete units, distribution terminals, etc in USA.
2001 Renaming of TARMAC AMERICA into TITAN AMERICA and incorporation into the Group’s global activities.
2002 1. TITAN celebrates its 100th year anniversary with a series of Corporate Social Responsibility related events in Greece.
2. TITAN becomes the first Greek company to sign the United Nations’ Global Compact.
3. Incorporation of the American company Separation Technologies into the Group’s activities (fly ash).
4. Acquisition of Serbian cement company Kosjeric.
5. Acquisition of Egyptian company ALEXANDRIA PORTLAND CEMENT (a TITAN-LAFARGE joint venture).
2003 1. Kick off of the new, state-of-the-art, production line at the Nea Efkarpia, Thessaloniki, Greece.
2. Titan Group enters the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBSCD) as a full member. 
2004 1. Contribution of TITAN to the construction of Greece’s (and the world’s at that time) biggest cable bridge at Rio-Antirrio, as the exclusive supplier of special cement.
2. Sale of the shares of PLEVENSKI A.D. and acquisition of majority stake in Bulgaria’s ZLATΝA PANEGA Α.D. 
3. Kick off of the new cement distribution terminal at Tampa, Florida, USA. 
2005 Inauguration of the new cement production unit at Pennsuco, Florida, USA.
2006 1. Acquisition by TITAN AMERICA LLC of three independent, U.S. companies producers of ready-mix concrete.
2. Inauguration of the new, state-of-art cement distribution terminal in Port of Newark, USA.
3. Construction of a cement distribution terminal in Vlore, Albania. 
2007 1. Assumption of a turnkey contract for the construction of a new cement production plant in the Kruje region of Albania. 
2. Acquisition by TITAN AMERICA LLC of two more ready-mix concrete companies and a limestone quarry in the United States. 
3. The 2007 CSR and Sustainable Development Report receives an A+.
The A+ is the highest level of quality assurance grade allowed for in the Global Reporting Initiative system (GRI, G3, 2006). Grades are given following evaluation of reports and verification of data by the independent company DNV.
2008 1. Acquisition of Adocim Cimento Beton Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. (Turkey) through the acquisition of 50% of the Tokat cement plant and grinding plant in Tekirdag.
2. Acquisition of 100% of the Lafarge-Titan Egyptian Investments joint venture (Beni Suef, Alexandria Portland Cement), in Egypt.
3. Inauguration of the new cement production unit at Zlatna Panega, Boulgaria.
4. Cementarnica Usje A.D., a TITAN Group company in North Macedonia, becomes to sign the United Nations’ Global Compact.
5. 1st Stakeholders’ Forum
6. The 2007 CSR and Sustainable Development Report receives an A+.
The A+ is the highest level of quality assurance grade allowed for in the Global Reporting Initiative system (GRI, G3, 2006). Grades are given following evaluation of reports and verification of data by the independent company DNV. The CSR and Sustainable Development Report for 2007 also receives an A+.
2009 1. TITAN was awarded five of Capital Link’s “Investor Relations Awards”:
Grand IR Award
   - Best Corporate Governance
   - Best Investor Relations with Institutional Investors
   - Best Investor Relations Officer for Institutional Investors, Takis Canellopoulos
   - Best Annual Report
2. Roanoke cement plant, a TITAN America company, was awarded two of the most significant environmental awards:
   - “Overall Environmental Excellence” for 2009 by the Portland Cement
    Association and “Cement Americas” magazines.
   - “Environmental Excellence Award for Land Conservation” of the Governor of
    the State of Virginia.
3. TITAN is one of the founding members of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises Council for Sustainable Development.
4. INTERBETON introduces a series of innovative products with a wide range of applications.
5. TITAN – Top Companies for Leaders 2009
TITAN Cement S.A. secured first place in the Top Companies for Leaders list for Europe, and eighth place in the global list, for 2009. These international distinctions reflect the Group’s performance in the development of human resources and the leadership skills of its management.
6. The 2007 CSR and Sustainable Development Report receives an A+.
The A+ is the highest level of quality assurance grade allowed for in the Global Reporting Initiative system (GRI, G3, 2006). Grades are given following evaluation of reports and verification of data by the independent company DNV. The CSR and Sustainable Development Reports for 2007 and 2008 were also awarded an A+.
2010 1. Official opening of ANTEA cement plant in Albania.
The official opening of the new ANTEA plant took place on 13 September 2010. Located in the Boka e Kuge region of Albania, the plant is one of the country’s largest industrial complexes and one of the most technologically advanced cement plants anywhere in the world. The plant is the result of a significant investment of 200m Euro and it will have an annual production capacity of 1.5m tons.
2. 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum at Elefsina and Kamari.
On 1 March 2010 the 2nd Stakeholders’ Forum was held, with sessions at both the Elefsina and Kamari plants.
The Forum offers an opportunity for discussion and the taking of decisions that will lead to cooperation, joint action and the taking of initiatives in the Thriasio Pedio region – initiatives that demonstrate a practical application of the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.
3. Purchase of cement plant in Kosovo
4. TITAN Cement S.A. named among the world’s 1000 most socially responsible companies.
2011 1. TITAN becomes a founding member of the Kosovo CSR Network.
2012 1. ΤITAN Cement S.A. celebrates 100 years on the Athens Stock Exchange.
2. "Safety at Home” education program for Kindergarten, Primary and Junior High School students is launched in Greece, with a view to raising public awareness on health and safety issues and preventing childhood accidents.
3. Seven of TITAN America’s ready-mix concrete plants win the "2012 NRMCA Excellence in Quality Awards" from the US National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA).
4. Sharrcem, a TITAN Group subsidiary in Kosovo, issues the 1st Corporate Social Responsibility Report.
2013 1. TITAN Group is selected for inclusion in the "Ethibel Excellence Investment Register” prepared by the international organisation Forum Ethibel to mark above average performance in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility and responsible investments.
2014 1. TITAN Group's Integrated Annual Report 2013 is published according to the guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC), applying the highest international standards and best practices.
2. Separation Technologies LLC, a TITAN Group subsidiary, is renamed to ST Equipment & Technology LLC.
3. TITAN signs the "Charter for a Sustainable Greece", in the context of the "Sustainable Greece 2020" Initiative for sustainable development in Greece.
2015 1. TITAN Group joins the European Pact for Youth to reduce the skills gap and enhance employability of young people in Europe.
2. TITAN takes active part in addressing the refugee crisis with donations to the islands of Leros and Kos as well as by setting up and deploying six voluntary employees’ groups to Leros for 6 weeks.
2016 1. TITAN Cement Group announces that it has concluded an agreement to acquire an equity stake in Companhia Industrial de Cimento Apodi, a Brazilian cement manufacturer operating a modern integrated cement plant in Quixeré (state of Ceará in Northeast Brazil). Through a joint venture agreement, Cimento Apodi will be jointly owned and controlled on a 50/50 basis by the Dias Branco Group and a TITAN/Sarkis vehicle (94% owned by TITAN).
2018 1. TITAN acquires control of its joint venture in Turkey, Adocim Cimento Beton Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.
2. TITAN Group joins the newly established Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA).

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