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TITAN and the National Observatory of Athens/ present the interactive exhibition “Weather Mysteries…” at TITAN’s Patras cement plant

Starting October 14, TITAN presents at its Patras plant the interactive educational exhibition ‘Weather Mysteries…”. The exhibition is in fact a fascinating tour in the world of Meteorology, comprising its evolution over the centuries and the instruments it uses today, as well as the interpretation of weather phenomena and the impact on climate change. It has been designed and curated by the National Observatory of Athens/  

Divided into three parts, the exhibition combines videos, simulations, experiments and interactive applications, which offer younger and older visitors a view into the creation and evolution of weather phenomena, with particular emphasis on extreme ones and the ways to protect ourselves from them. This program is part of TITAN’s educational and other initiatives in the areas where it operates

In his address during the opening event, Mr. Dimitris Papageorgiou, Manager of Patras plant, said: “We are especially pleased to present the ‘Weather Mysteries…’ exhibition here at the plant, an initiative which falls in the broader framework of our social responsibility actions. After all, TITAN Group is recognized as a leader in Greece for implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in action. With these initiatives, the plant aims to strengthen the relationships of trust and cultivate the bonds with the people and organizations we co-habit with on a daily base; and these can only be built on solid foundations of transparency, integrity and continuous improvement. We aspire to have more occasions in the future that will provide educational and training opportunities to the children and residents of the local region, as well as the opportunity to become more familiar with today’s world and its challenges. Climate change is one of them and we may be the last generation able to do something meaningful about it, by changing our thinking and lifestyle”.  

The exhibition will run throughout the school year; school and group tours are available, upon request: Monday-Friday 9:00- 13:00, except Tuesdays. Tel: +30 2610 964215-2610 964212.

Opening hours for the public: Wednesday-Friday 16:00-18:00 and Saturday 11:00- 16:00. The exhibition will remain closed during official holidays.

Location: TITAN cement plant, Patra (Drepano), Achaia

Design and Curation: National Observatory of Athens/ Scientific team for educational meteorology of


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