Health and Safety

Partners and contractors

The safety of our partners and contractors is a key priority for us and we manage it just as carefully as we manage the safety of our employees.

For example, we monitor our partners’ performance in safety matters using the same indexes that we employ to monitor our staff’s performance on the same issues.

Moreover, we require partners who provide services within our plants and employ staff to assign a Health and Safety Manager with an active role and to lay out an occupational risk assessment study for the tasks they perform within our facilities.

Before performing major tasks or projects, our partners are required to assess the risks of such tasks and specify appropriate safety measures; in other words, to draft an Occupational Safety Plan for review and approval by TITAN’s competent officers.

Moreover, we pay special attention to training and evaluating our partners in their performance in H&S matters.

Our partners, trained through workshops or other activities, are evaluated on an annual basis and a plan for improvement is set for the year to come.

For each new long-term partner, the Safety Pass issuing procedure is applied, which involves an introductory briefing about H&S matters, the training certification of their staff and the issuance of an access card to the plant.

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