Health and Safety


Achieving high levels of safety as efficiently as possible presupposes that our employees, our partners and their staff have full training and the right infrastructure at their disposal.

Training is an ongoing process and one of the main pillars in our effort to prevent accidents. It is conducted according to an annual plan and is either organized internally by trained staff or outsourced.

In the preparation of the training plan, many parameters are taken into account, such as experiences and lessons learnt from investigating serious incidents in previous years, proposals by employees, current information-sharing and awareness-raising campaigns regarding health & safety, and new occupational safety instructions.

An induction H&S course –whose agenda is adjusted to each field of activity, as set by a relevant procedure– is provided to each new employee.

The quality of training provided on H&S issues as a whole is a key criterion for the independent inspections of the plants. Proper support of our executives so that they can be actively involved in employee and partner training is also one of our priorities.


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