Submission Of Reports


We are committed to conducting business with transparency, integrity, and responsibility, within a safe and respectful working environment. The Whistleblowing System of TITAN Cement Company S.A., fully compliant with the provisions of Law 4990/2022, provides to employees and individuals with whom TITAN Cement Company S.A. has a business relationship, the means to report any incident related to irregular or illegal activities observed in a work-related context.


When to submit a report?

Reports should be submitted when incidents are observed, related to violations of our Code of Conduct, of corporate values and policies, including incidents of violence and harassment in the workplace as per L. 4808/2021, or related to breaches of the applicable legislation or of the European Union Law, as per L. 4990/2022. These may involve matters of public contracts, bribery and corruption, product safety and compliance, transportation safety, environmental protection, consumer protection, personal data protection, and other relevant areas.


What are the available internal reporting channels?

It is encouraged to submit an internal report, responsibly and non-abusively:

  • By accessing the electronic reporting platform TITAN EthicsPoint, here.
  • Directly to the Group Compliance & Anti-Fraud Director, who has been designated as the Responsible for Receiving and Monitoring Reports (RRMR) for potential violations of Union Law.
  • Via email:
  • Via phone call: +30 210 2591314.
  • Via postal mail in a sealed envelope, addressed to the Group Compliance & Anti-Fraud Director, Titan Cement Company S.A., 22A Halkidos Str., 11143 Athens, Greece (In case the report is submitted as a breach of EU law the envelope must be marked as "Report under L. 4990/2022”).


Confirmation of receipt of the report will be provided to the reporter within seven (7) working days from its submission.


The above channels should be used only for reporting whistleblowing concerns. For general inquiries or commercial matters, please contact the relevant department. TITAN Cement Company SA implements all appropriate measures to ensure the protection of personal data of all implicated individuals, as well as confidentiality regarding reported incidents, aiming to safeguard non-retaliation by all means.


For incidents related to possible violations of EU Law, reporters have the right to submit a report to the Hellenic Transparency Authority (HTA) through the External NTA Whistleblowing website External NTA Whistleblowing (

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