Client Technical Support Department

Our Client Technical Support Department provides technical assistance to clients in order to find solutions to their problems and objectives.

The Department's multifaceted work includes:

  • Designing concrete mixes to meet our associates' requirements depending on each application's needs and prerequisites.
  • Aiming for the optimum quality and most cost-effective combination of raw materials by selecting the appropriate types of materials.
  • Monitoring concrete manufacturing and on-site concrete facilities to ensure the optimum quality performance of the final product. The aim is constant improvement and prevention of quality issues.
  • Checking the raw materials of the concrete and the final product.
  • Collaborating with our specialist associates in the design of new products.
  • Proposing corrective action, where necessary, to ensure consistent quality.
  • Trains our associates' staff in quality control procedures.
  • Supporting the operation of quality assurance labs in concrete, prefabrication and special construction product facilities.
  • Informing about the required procedures imposed by legislation, regulations and standards.

Projects in which the Client Technical Support Department has provided key solutions:

  • Rion-Antirion Bridge
  • Acropolis Museum
  • Ellinikon-Agios Dimitrios Metro Line
  • PPC Desulfurization Plant, Megalopolis
  • Piraeus-Agia Varvara Metro Line
  • Ionian Motorway
  • Olympia Odos
  • Motorway E65 (Xyniada – Trikala)
  • Moreas Motorway
  • Maliakos-Kleidi Motorway
  • Wind Farms
  • Biogas plants
  • Thessaloniki Metro
  • Port Construction Projects
  • Athens International Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos"

Transportation and delivery of bulk cements

  • ΤΙΤΑΝ's bulk cements are transported in silo trucks and delivered to clients.
  • Bulk cement is delivered in the presence of the client, and the special safety band which accompanies each shipment to ensure the deliverables' quality and quantity is released. The special safety band forms part of TITAN's quality assurance system; it carries a unique code for each shipment, which is also included in the computer-generated accompanying shipping documents.
  • The drivers of silo trucks are specially trained and experienced in delivering the product to the client's site safely and reliably. They undergo regular training in defensive driving, faithfully observe health and safety regulations and are equipped with the appropriate personal protective gear.
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