In recent years, there has been a fundamental shift in business and management orientation across the world and, at TITAN, we developed a strategy to lead our business through these challenges. This includes our leadership platform, ‘Leading the TITAN Way’, which helps us grow and succeed together.

Leading the TITAN Way brings together the elements of our culture that have made us a success and aims to maintain them into the future. It also introduces and reinforces the behaviors we need to guarantee that our success continues in the decades to come.

From day one, the program has been part of every employee’s life at TITAN. We see a job as an evolution, where skills, knowledge, capabilities and behaviors are acquired as the role expands and expectations increase.

Leading the TITAN Way is the backbone of people development at TITAN. Starting with our Performance and Development Process, it supports managers in organizing priorities, while creating quality development plans for each person in their team. To achieve this, managers use training programs and on-the-job coaching.


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