Health and Safety


Safe driving means defensive driving. It means going to work or coming back home every day to be with your family and enjoy your personal life.

TITAN operates one of the largest fleets in Greece. More than 700 drivers perform daily transport operations as part of the Company’s activities.

This fact in itself urges us to place great emphasis on issues that concern road safety, both for our carriers and for all those affected by our activities.


  • We have integrated Driving Safety into the broader context of our Health and Safety at Work Management System.
  • We train drivers involved in transport operations in defensive driving, in order to ensure that they follow good practices, which will reduce the likelihood of their involvement in a traffic accident.
  • We carry out road safety inspections in order to determine the extent to which drivers comply with legislation and with the safety rules we have set.
  • We record and investigate every traffic incident.
    We apply corrective actions in order to prevent the recurrence of similar incidents in the future.
  • We set strict rules before embarking on a cooperation with carriers, in order to ensure that they can meet our road safety requirements.

Our constant goal is to forge a high-standard road safety culture for all our people –both employees and partners (contractors)– and set specific road safety rules within and outside our units, in order to ensure their safe operation and the smooth execution of all transport.

Indicatively, actions are currently in progress for the following:

  • Safe Driving
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