Health and Safety


We envisage a work environment, which ensures health and safety for all; an environment in which we collectively protect ourselves and our colleagues from injury; an environment in which we all look after our health.

We act to promote continuously health and safety issues, to ingrain the awareness for health and safety among our employees, contractors and partners and to strengthen the culture of accident prevention and health promotion in all our operations. 

At all levels of our organization, we are committed to:

  1. continuously improve health and safety conditions at work, for our own personnel, contractors and visitors, identifying the hazards and mitigating risk in the workplace
  2. foster trust and collaboration to effectively address health and safety issues and promote safe behavior in all activities
  3. consult with our employees, contractors and cooperating third parties, encouraging their participation in improving health and safety at work
  4. manage Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as a unified system of goals and desired outcomes, which promotes and ensures continuous improvement
  5. ensure compliance with local legislation, normative directives and other requirements related to OHS, as well as with the Group’s Essential Rules, procedures and safety regulations
  6. define clear responsibilities and accountabilities, for meeting all OHS requirements

We call on all our employees, contractors and partners to support our company in the implementation of this Occupational Health and Safety Vision and associated Policy. We expect them to observe the safe work practices and operate in a way supportive of the high OHS standards developed and adopted by our company.

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