Health and Safety


Studies show that the vast majority of incidents, injuries or accidents in the workplace are related to failure to observe important rules relating to health & safety.

It is for this reason that we do not just lay down a set of rules, but also require all employees to follow safe work practices, to comply with safety rules and regulations and to work in a way that meets the high standards we have set.

Our 11 Rules

  • ALWAYS use appropriate PPE

    Always inspect PPE before use

    Ensure it fits well

    Do not misuse PPE

  • ALWAYS observe LOTOTO

    LOTOTO all sources of energy

    No matter how short the intervention intended

    No matter how long the LOTOTO procedure may take

  • ALWAYS reinstall guarding

    Do not modify guarding without written permission.

    Always perform LOTOTO before removing or even slightly changing the position of machine guarding.

    Always install proper marking and signs for temporary access restrictions to spaces.

  • ALWAYS obtain a written permit before entering a confined space

    Exit if you notice a change, however small.

    If you are the attendant, constantly monitor activities inside.

  • ALWAYS use fall protection when working at height

    Always inspect fall protection equipment before use.

    Cross-check harness fittings with another team member.

    Always secure tools and materials to protect people below.

    Do not misuse your fall protection equipment.

  • ALWAYS obtain a written permit before doing hot work near flammables or combustibles

    Protect immovable fire hazards from sparks or open flame.

    Report insufficient ventilation immediately.

  • DO NOT interfere with or override any safety device or provision

    Always report any changes of or to safety devices.

    Always report any difficulties in the application of procedure.

  • DO NOT operate equipment if you are not properly licensed

    Always verify equipment-to-job suitability.

     Always do a pre-start inspection.

  • DO NOT work if under the influence of drugs or alcohol

    Consult the occupational physician before work if taking prescribed medication

  • DO NOT use a mobile phone while driving

    Do not use a hand-held phone while driving.

    Even if you are stopped at traffic lights, queuing in traffic, supervising a learner driver.

  • ALWAYS use the safety belt

    Make sure all passengers do the same.

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