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Industry 4.0: ΤΙΤΑΝ launches its Group Digital Centre of Competence

TITAN Cement Group has launched its Group Digital Center of Competence, continuing to build its capabilities in the era of digitalization as an essential part of its efforts to increase its operational efficiency and competitiveness, and to develop new ways of connecting with its customers.

The Group Digital Center of Competence, will consolidate the Group’s digital and advanced analytics capabilities and upgrade the activities implemented by the Group Digital Initiative, launched on May 2017. During the last three years, TITAN has introduced multiple digital and advanced analytics pilots and solutions with significant impact as they are rolled out across the Group’s Business Units, focusing on real time production optimization, asset’s failure prediction with machine learning, enhanced management of plants’ sensors and operational data, use of drones for inspection in quarries and plants, supply chain advanced analytics and others. To implement these, relationships with new solution providers and technology partners were established and several experts with specialist skills have been recruited, in both Group Corporate Center and Business Units.

In accelerating its digital efforts with the Group Digital Center of Competence, TITAN aspires to generate economies of scale and be able to better support local initiatives and solution rollouts, while it continues to evolve and flexibly adapt to future developments with a cost efficient approach to its digital agenda.

At the launch phase, the Group Digital Center of Competence, will comprise an existing core team of TITAN specialists, including data scientists and advanced analytics experts, who will be coordinating digital activities across the Group and work with IT to build next generation infrastructures. Young professionals who graduated from the “ReGeneration Academy for Digital Acceleration I Data Science Lab – Powered by TITAN”, the Group’s recent initiative in Greece which aimed at enhancing the specialized skills of young scientists, will also contribute to this endeavor.



About Titan Cement Group

Titan Cement Group, is a multiregional cement and building materials producer. Business activities cover the production, transportation and distribution of cement, concrete, aggregates, fly ash, mortars and other building materials. The Group employs about 5,500 people and is present in more than 15 countries, operating cement plants in 10 of them, the USA, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Egypt, Turkey and Brazil. Throughout its history the Group has aspired to serve the needs of society, while contributing to sustainable growth with responsibility and integrity. Titan Cement International SA, is the parent company of Titan Cement Group.

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