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NOTHING TO WASTE”, an initiative by TITAN and businesses from western Thessaloniki for the promotion of circular economy and recycling

24 businesses and 500+ employees with a shared vision and action plan for the substantial improvement of local community characteristics through circular economy

Twenty-four businesses from western Thessaloniki join forces under the “Nothing to Waste” recycling business initiative and embark on the implementation of a circular economy and efficient waste management programme. The programme –initiated by TITAN’s Efkarpia plant and its employees– aspires to become a model practice and to expand with the participation of other businesses operating in the broader Thessaloniki area.

The goal of the “Nothing to Waste” initiative is to identify sustainable solutions for the local community and the environment, and to contribute –through efficient synergies achieved by private sector businesses– to the enhancement of the recycling performance of the respective municipalities and of the region. As pointed out by Mr. Kostas Nikolaou –Manager of TITAN’s Efkarpia plant–, who spoke on behalf of the businesses’ initiative, “we are taking action in order to protect the environment, implementing a circular economy programme that shall contribute to efficient waste management in the broader area of western Thessaloniki. It is a multi-participatory programme that engages citizens, assigns an active role to businesses and maximizes benefits for the local community and the environment”.

The 24 businesses that make up the core of the cooperation –and their 500+ employees– are working together towards a shared vision, planning and implementing actions which focus on waste prevention and recycling, primarily through the separate collection of six streams of recyclable materials: (1) paper; (2) PET plastic bottles; (3) residual plastic-metal-composite packaging (PMD); (4) electrical appliances and electronic devices; (5) portable batteries, and (6) cooking oil.

The environmental organization NoWaste21 is in charge of the scientific supervision and implementation of the programme. Its chairperson, Dr. Efi Tritopoulou, is responsible for the scientific administration of the project carrying 20 years of experience in the management and implementation of sustainable development, circular economy and waste management programmes. Speaking about the programme, Dr. Tritopoulou said: “We support businesses and their synergies in an innovative programme, by adopting practices that lead to a future without waste, in the direction of the European Green Deal.”

TITAN’s Efkarpia plant will fund the entire programme’s first year of operation.


The programme adopts a scientifically integrated which begins with determining the needs of each business, proceeds to the supply and installation of the appropriate equipment and takes on the collection and transportation of recyclable materials to sorting, reuse and recycling centres in collaboration with a local private organization with social characteristics (Social Cooperative Enterprise). Results will be constantly monitored, recorded and evaluated in aggregate and for each individual business, and will be taken into account when generating new proposals for the optimization and expansion of the programme.

Throughout the duration of programme, training activities for employees will be conducted in an effort to raise their awareness about circular economy and environmental protection issues, while consulting services on prevention and proper waste management will also be provided.

Additionally, the programme will include actions for the promotion and dissemination of results, as well as the recording and utilization of the recycling outcome through the collaboration with public organizations. The ultimate goal is to encourage more businesses and relevant bodies to become involved and participate in the “Nothing to Waste” initiative.

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