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Strategic partnership between TITAN Cement Group and TERNA ENERGY to invest in waste treatment

TITAN Cement Group and TERNA Energy, in a joint venture, will participate in the public tender process for the PPPs of the Mechanical & Biological Waste Treatment (MBT) plants in Attica and Central Macedonia.

On September 22nd, the joint venture submitted letters of interest to participate in the first phase of the tender process for the MBTs of the Central Circular Economy Park in Attica and the Circular Economy Park of Piraeus, as well as the MBT of the Western Sector of the Region of Central Macedonia.

The combined expertise and know-how of TERNA ENERGY and TITAN guarantee –in the event that the joint venture is selected– the optimal financial and environmental performance of the MBT plants and the maximization of energy and material recovery.

The operation of MBT plants can maximize recycling, minimize landfilling and secure the availability of high-quality alternative fuels. The use of alternative fuels in cement production contributes to the conservation of natural resources, the reduction of CO2 emissions and the long-term competitiveness of the national cement industry.

TERNA ENERGY has already completed and successfully operates waste treatment facilities in the regions of Macedonia and Epirus, while the company is currently implementing the largest waste management PPP projects in Greece, in the Region of the Peloponnese. TERNA ENERGY is a leader in the production and storage of clean energy, as well as in environmental and circular economy projects, investing in these fields for more than 25 years, in the context of its business strategy for sustainability and sustainable development. The company’s activities contribute to the transition towards a low-carbon future and the protection of the environment with clear benefits for society.

TITAN Group’s intention to invest in the PPPs is fully aligned with its sustainability ambitions and commitment to participate actively in the circular economy of Greece and supports the national plan to provide a solution to the critical environmental issue of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). Through its actions, TITAN aspires to be an innovator in matters of environmental management. The Group applies the best available techniques over time and continuously invests in new technology that ensures excellent environmental performance. Decarbonization, waste minimization and responsible sourcing form an integral part of TITAN’s Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets for 2025 and beyond.



About TITAN Cement Group

TITAN Cement Group is a multiregional cement and building materials producer. Business activities cover the production, transportation and distribution of cement, concrete, aggregates, fly ash, mortars and other building materials. The Group employs about 5,400 people and is present in more than 15 countries, operating cement plants in 10 of them, the USA, Greece, Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Egypt, Turkey and Brazil. Throughout its history, the Group has aspired to serve the needs of society, while contributing to sustainable growth with responsibility and integrity.

Titan Cement International SA is the parent company of TITAN Cement Group. For more information, visit the Group’s website at



TERNA ENERGY is a major player in the Renewable Energy Market in Greece, Central and Eastern Europe and the USA, developing Wind Parks, Solar Energy units, Hydroelectric and Pumped Storage projects, as well as Hybrid systems for the production and storage of clean energy and Waste to Energy and Biomass Projects. TERNA ENERGY implements an extensive investment program aiming to reach 3,000 MW of total installed capacity within the next five years.

For more information, visit TERNA ENERGY’S website at   

Strategic partnership between TITAN Cement Group and TERNA ENERGY to invest in waste treatment Return
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