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TITAN Group innovates, introducing the first long-haul tractor into its fleet, powered exclusively by LNG “clean fuel”

As part of its strategy for reducing the carbon footprint of its operations and products


TITAN is acquiring the first Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) powered tractor for the transport of cement within Greece, a pilot action in cooperation with BlueFuel and the Saracakis Group of Companies, with significant benefits for both competitiveness and the environment. In addition to reducing operating and maintenance costs, using LNG for heavy-duty vehicles achieves a reduction of up to 25% in CO2 emissions, complete elimination of SOx (sulphur oxides) and micro-particle emissions, while NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions are reduced by 80%. Another very important benefit in the urban environment is the 50% reduction in noise.

The Volvo FH LNG tractor unit from VOLVO TRUCKS, exclusively imported and distributed in Greece by Saracakis Group of Companies since 1950, offers high returns and reliability in long-distance transport. It has improved technical features that meet the high European standards, where the use of LNG in transport is moving ahead at a fast pace: within the EU – mainly in Italy, Germany, France and Spain – 12,000 heavy-duty vehicles are currently powered by LNG, with a target of 280,000 vehicles by 2030.

For its LNG supply, TITAN will collaborate with BlueFuel, which combines Blue Grid’s know-how in the supply and distribution of LNG with the experience, geographic presence – through the “elin” service station network – and organizational power of ELINOIL, seeking to gain a leading position in the Greece-wide supply of LNG vehicles. BlueFuel will be ready to start supplying liquefied natural gas (LNG) through its “elin” service station network in 2022.

TITAN aspires to be an innovator in matters of environmental management. The Group applies the best available techniques over time and continuously invests in new technology that ensures excellent environmental performance. Innovation with emphasis on digitalization and de-carbonization and the development a reliable and sustainable supply chain are key commitments of the Group in the context of its long-term environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals.

The Saracakis Group of Companies is taking action in response to global challenges such as climate change, adopting practices that put people and the environment first. With a history of nearly a century in the Greek business sector – and as its activity expands dynamically beyond Greek borders through the services and products it offers – it is committed to initiatives and actions aimed at protecting the environment, responsible investments and sustainable development, promoting the adoption of an environmental conscience and the prevalence of “green” culture.





TITAN Group innovates, introducing the first long-haul tractor into its fleet, powered exclusively by LNG “clean fuel” Return
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