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Together: Joint programme launched by TITAN’s Efkarpia plant and Youthnest to empower young people in Thessaloniki

A new initiative was launched by ΤΙΤΑΝ’s Efkarpia plant in collaboration with Youthnest, a leading local social innovation organization. It’s entitled together and is addressed to young professionals 25 to 35 years of age in the wider Thessaloniki area. Recognizing the needs and challenges they are facing, the together programme aims to empower 150 young people who live and work in the city and the wider region, and to promote work-life balance. Participation in the programme is free and does not require a degree or specialisation.

Critical issues regarding the potential for city professionals to invest their knowledge and creativity in strengthening Thessaloniki’s professional ecosystem were highlighted in the survey carried out by Ierax Analytics. The scope of the together initiative is to foster a safe environment for skills empowerment, exchange of views and support and it is being developed as a holistic five-month programme based on four pillars:

  1. toget skills: The first pillar focuses on soft & hard skills. Participants will have the opportunity, twice a month, to familiarise themselves with global trends in areas such as Problem Solving and Project Management.
  2. toget inspiration: Enhancing young professionals’ confidence in their skills and knowledge is the second pillar of action and an important part of the programme. This is why, once a month, young people will have the chance to interact with experts, have their questions answered and be inspired to improve their skills in various areas.
  3. toget wellbeing: Achieving work-life balance is one of the key principles of the programme. The wellbeing pillar highlights the value of disconnecting, while addressing issues such as the need to fill multiple roles and the concept of burn-out.
  4. toget network: The fourth pillar offers strong networking among the 150 young people, partners and organizations in the city, creating new channels of communication, ideas, start-ups, and opportunities to remain in the Thessaloniki job market.

With the experience and know-how shared between Youthnest and TITAN’s Efkarpia plant, as well as through a wide network of partnerships with specialists, agencies and organizations in the city, the programme aims to provide young participants with useful tools to achieve a positive change in their lives.

During the official presentation of the together programme, Kostas Nikolaou, TITAN Efkarpia Plant Manager, stated the following: “The Efkarpia plant and TITAN are strongly committed to the younger generation. For years now, we have consistently supported the education and development of children, students and young scientists, because they are the future. But we recognise that there are many obstacles. This is why we have taken the initiative, through a participatory effort, to contribute to empowering 150 young people in our city, so that they can overcome the challenges and confidently pursue a successful future. Together with Youthnest, we are using our experience and capitalizing on our know-how to provide young professionals with tools, support and inspiration.”

Speaking at the same event, Founder and Director of the Youthnest social innovation organization, Thalia Rizou said: “We started the Youthnest social innovation organization five years ago with the aim of living and working in Thessaloniki with dignity. We have experienced the intense challenges a young professional faces, and this is why we created the programme together with TITAN, in order to help other young professionals address them. Work-life balance, digital burnout and skills empowerment are just some of the issues we will be touching on together with 150 young people, 25 to 35 years of age, in the 5-month together programme.”

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