The Peloponnese comes closer!

The “Moreas” Motorway (Korinthos - Tripoli - Kalamata and the Lefktro - Sparti branch), is part of the modernisation of the country's strategic road network and a valuable tool for the regional development of the entire Peloponnese.

TITAN was present throughout the project, which consisted of 205 kilometres of modern motorway, with two lanes in each direction, five twin tunnels and bridges.

We supplied the cement that constructed the piers of the highly impressive Tsakona multi-span arch bridge, one of the longest such bridges in the world and the longest one in Greece.

The completion of the “Moreas” Motorway brings the Peloponnese closer to Athens and the rest of Greece, drastically reducing the time required to cover distances between destinations and benefiting commercial transactions, transport and tourism.

Additionally, upgrading the network to a motorway also brings significant advantages to road safety throughout the Peloponnese.

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