Leadership through contribution

Our participation in the "Future Leaders" programme comes within our broader strategy of offering training opportunities to young people.

The specific programme, which promotes business knowledge, fair play and social contribution, includes a significant special feature: participating students, who are organized in groups, are invited to develop a proposal-plan for the organization and operation of NGOs with which "Future Leaders" collaborates.

Students are selected in cooperation with universities and on the basis of strict evaluation procedures. Participating companies assign members of staff to the student teams, who act as coaches to provide the necessary guidance and to supervise the development of the plans. 

The "Future Leaders" programme provides:

  • Evaluation of leadership skills for young undergraduates and postgraduates so that they can successfully enter the job market and become the future leaders.

  • Development of their skills, improvement of their conduct and technical training by experienced members of the companies which support the programme.

  • Material social work contribution through voluntary tasks to support cultural, social and environmental projects.

  • Six-month paid internship with major companies throughout Greece.

We are a founding member of "Future Leaders" and, since 2010, we have provided 11 experienced TITAN members as coaches in the programme.

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