Educational Visits of Pupils and Students

Opportunity for "on-site inspection"

Visits of pupils and students to our headquarters, cement plants, quarries and concrete plants are one of our long-established institutions and organized on a regular basis.

The aim is to introduce young visitors to the methods and best practices employed in order to manufacture high-quality products with respect towards people, society and sustainable development.

This programme is very popular among young people, as it often is their first contact with a large-scale and modern plant. They are offered guided tours and can observe quality tests performed in our labs, as well as aspects of the production process.

Experienced TITAN employees from various departments take young visitors on the tour, discuss with them and answer any questions.

Visitors include school pupils and undergraduate and postgraduate students from Greek and –occasionally– from foreign universities (Case Western University, Northeastern University, Bochum University, University of Detroit, IIM Raipur University, etc.).

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