Junior Achievement Greece

Pioneering initiative for pupils

Every year since 2005, we have been engaging in actions under the Young Enterprise Programme, a pioneering initiative of Junior Achievement Greece addressed to secondary and high school pupils of both public and private schools throughout Greece.

The aim of the programme is to help pupils understand the concept of enterprise, the role of businesses in the national and global economy and the importance of competitiveness and innovation, highlighting the responsibility and respect that companies need to incorporate in their business ethics as an essential part of their everyday practices and activities.

"Job Shadow"

Pupils visit our plants and units, where TITAN employees share with them their own experience in the business world and in the course of their studies, to help participants consider potential career options.

«"Business in Action"

Pupils get to know the concept of the free market, understand the role of businesses, see the various organization stages for the manufacture and promotion of a product, and study the social responsibilities of a company.

"Virtual Business"

The programme helps pupils develop skills in such aspects as team work, organization, communication, leadership, time management, decisiveness, accountability, decision making and problem solving, to name but a few.

Since 2005, over 35 TITAN members from various departments and operation centres have volunteered and have offered their time and experience in 28 schools.

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