10 reasons to work with us

  • Making a difference

    At TITAN we care about people. We always have. That’s why we look for every chance to promote human rights in our work. Whether it’s providing engaging working conditions, offering equal opportunities or developing bold sustainability policies, we aim to make life better for people however we can.

  • TITAN is its employees

    We’re a diverse team of dedicated, skilled and creative people, all working together towards sustainable growth. Everything TITAN achieves is based on the spirit and energy our people bring to work every day.

  • A bit like family…

    People tend to find their place when they come to work at TITAN. We value long-term relationships based on mutual trust and shared values. Speaking of which…

  • Safety first

    We are passionate about safety. We constantly re-examine our performance and use the findings to trigger focused safety efforts.

  • We’re defined by our values

    What brings us all together is a shared set of values. When hiring new people, we don’t just look for experience and ability. We look for integrity, authenticity, ‘people that walk the talk’.

  • Always learning

    What makes us a dynamic, forward-looking organization is our passion for development and continuous improvement. Working with us means on-the-job training and continuous learning opportunities that update and expand our competence.

  • Good work counts

    When we shine, it’s recognized. Working for TITAN is full of opportunities to make our mark, through our performance and our behavior.    

  • Evolving our culture

    Inspire others. Build unity. Drive results. Think big picture. These are woven into our work ethic. These are the behaviors that we embrace to evolve our culture in a way that allows us to grow and succeed together.

  • All around the world

    TITAN is truly international. Not only do we have plants in ten countries across five continents, but we also have plenty of international partnerships. This makes our jobs truly rich and interesting, as working within our company, we connect across borders.

  • Working together

    We believe in the power of collaboration. We can make more of a difference in the world if we join with others. So if you’re interested in a company that is engaged in an on-going dialogue with local communities, universities, large and small businesses and NGOs, TITAN is the place for you.

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