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New TITAN Group investment in its Greek cement plant at Kamari - The goal with this investment is to reduce CO2 emissions, contribute to the waste management solutions in Attiki, and increase the plant’s competitiveness.

TITAN Group is investing in the upgrade of the cement production line at its plant in Kamari, Viotia, Greece. The project concerns the installation of a pre-calciner, has a total budget of over €25 million and will be completed in 2022.  

The investment is part of the Group’s programme of actions to reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to the mitigation of climate change and the European 2030 goal to decrease its GHG emissions by 55%.

Specifically, this upgrade will significantly increase the Kamari plant’s capacity for using alternative fuels, substituting in large part the fossil fuels necessary for the operation of its kilns. Following the investment, the total annual reduction in CO2 emissions will come to 450,000 t, equal to replacing 160,000 conventional cars with electric vehicles.

The alternative fuels used by the cement industry can include, among others, residue from recycling of urban solid waste, following required processing at waste processing plants. An additional benefit of the investment in the Kamari plant, which is located on the Attiki-Viotia border, is the potential for the plant to contribute to a comprehensive environmentally and financially optimal solution to waste management in Attiki.

“We believe in the recovery of the Greek economy, and especially the construction sector. For this reason, we are investing in our plants, improving their environmental footprint and international competitiveness,” said Angelos Kalogerakos, the TITAN Group’s General Manager for Greece.

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