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TITAN Group successfully completed the 3rd upskilling Academy focusing on the competences necessary for the acceleration of digital transformation

ReGeneration Academy for Digital Acceleration | Project Management Lab - Powered by TITAN

TITAN, in collaboration with ReGeneration and Code.Hub as the training partner, completed the 3rd consecutive Academy under the ReGeneration Academy for Digital Acceleration - Powered by TITAN initiative! This innovative academy focused on upskilling young graduates with the digital project management competences necessary for the acceleration of digital transformation.

Over the course of a 7-week, 80-hour intensive program, 37 participants received theoretical and practical (hands-on) training on the introductory and more advanced principles of Project Management with emphasis on Digital Technologies and Digital Transformation projects.

During the program, participants had to design and develop a specialized Sales and Customer Service app. Such applications are particularly relevant and important for any business going through the digital transformation journey and the assignment highlighted the complexities of such projects, which require the coordination of different teams and IT systems. To carry out the assignment, Academy participants drew information from TITAN’s knowhow and experience in building similar applications that are already available to its customers in some of the markets where it operates.

The Academy is part of TITAN Group’s Digital Initiative and operates under the auspices of the Group’s Digital Center of Competence and Group HR. The purpose of the academies organised in the context of the ReGeneration Academy for Digital Acceleration - Powered by TITAN initiative is to prepare specialized professionals and provide them with the necessary skills that will give them a competitive edge in the labor market, in various business sizes and sectors: from startups to multinationals and from Technology and Telecommunications to Manufacturing, Construction and Trade.

This is the third exclusive collaboration between ReGeneration and TITAN and follows the very successful 2020 and 2021 Data Science Labs which were designed as training and upskilling programs as part of the overall effort to accelerate the transition to the new digital age, for which TITAN implements a comprehensive digital transformation plan (Industry 4.0).

Through this initiative, TITAN reiterates its commitment to support young people in their transition from higher education to employment, considering the current challenges of the market and the demands of technology, as well as to contribute to reversing brain drain. More than 95% of the 2020 and 2021 Academies have been placed in the job market, including TITAN Group’s Digital Center of Competence.

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