“Safety at Home” A Safety Net for our Children!

The numbers are overwhelming: according to the Hellenic Statistical Authority, approximately 500,000 children are injured in Greece every year. Many minor and serious accidents occur because it is very easy for children to get distracted and be less alert in places where they feel comfortable. Moreover, parents are not always adequately mindful in order to act accordingly. Situations such as these could be avoided with proper training and measures.

The comprehensive “Safety at Home” programme addresses this need and aims at creating a broader culture that will ensure, to the extent possible, a safer life for children and will help them become responsible citizens in the future.

The initiative –launched in 2012 by employees of TITAN and our subsidiary “INTERBETON”– currently enjoys great success in kindergartens and in primary and secondary schools. Until now, thanks to the tireless voluntary participation of our employees, 551 events have been organized in schools throughout Greece, attended by 70,086 students.

During the training, unsafe situations are pointed out and safe practices are presented. A discussion then follows to facilitate a better understanding of the causes of accidents and of the ways they could be prevented.

The programme includes three important tools which facilitate its implementation and cover almost all safe living issues in places frequented by children:

  • “Safety at Home” leaflet, distributed to all participants
  • “Mission: Safety at Home” interactive game; and 
  • www.safetyathome.gr website, where one can find more information and play the game.
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