Energy efficiency

Improved energy efficiency is a key prerequisite, not just in addressing climate change, but also in preserving resources, enhancing energy safety and reducing the reliance on imported fossil fuels.

It is therefore one of our foremost priorities.

In fact, for energy-intensive sectors such as the cement industry, where the consumption of energy for the production process corresponds to 30%-40% of total costs, energy efficiency is also an imperative need, as it is directly linked with the competitiveness of the products.

The cement industry is committed to investing in innovation and has already achieved significant results in this direction.

A typical example is the consistent reduction in the consumption of both thermal and electric energy since 1990 (by 18% and 10% respectively) through investments in:

  • Clinker grate coolers
  • Calciners
  • New burners
  • Automatic operation and quality control systems
  • Vertical cement grinding mills
  • Dynamic separators
  • Variable speed motors
  • Replacement of energy-consuming electrostatic precipitators with bag filters.

Thanks to all the measures we promptly introduced, we were one of the first heavy industries to receive the ISO 50001 certification for the Energy Management System installed at our plants in Kamari, Efkarpia and Drepano.

Energy efficiency


Mixed (composite) cements

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