Cement production requires the use of water in various stages of the production process including, for example, the cooling of cement kiln and mill flue gases, the cooling of equipment, the control of diffuse dust, etc.

It is, therefore, a priority to minimize its unnecessary use.

A very efficient way is water recycling through a closed loop system and/or primary processing tanks (sedimentation).

Our plants in Greece lead the way in this effort and are already implementing a comprehensive water consumption management system in order to monitor and record the water consumption balance at each unit. The system comprises:

  • Metering devices to monitor all critical consumptions.
  • Renovation of the water pipeline at our plants.
  • Automation systems to maximize recycling.
  • Permanent wetting system to control diffuse dust.
  • Efficient water spraying systems in the production process.
  • Rainwater harvesting & reuse.

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