Sustainability of local communities

Caring for our young neighbours!

Another very popular and socially sensitive programme is “Neighbouring Communities”, within which actions are implemented to contribute to schools and other institutions that are “neighbouring” with the Group’s plants.   

In March 2015 a Social Skills development programme was implemented in the two Primary Schools of Dervenochoria through a group project for second and third graders.

Children were encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences, to analyse behaviours and values and to support one another.

The aim of the process was to empower children’s personality and self-esteem, to raise their awareness and to motivate them in order to adopt positive attitudes and behaviours, thus improving their lifestyle. 

The methods used were painting, constructions and motor exercises, coordinated by the plant’s social worker –Marouso Spetsioti– and an independent partner, and the young students expressed their enthusiasm!

Moreover, at the request of the Headmaster of the Dervenochoria High School, an experiential seminar was organized under the title “Let’s Talk about the School we Dream of”.  

The objectives of the intervention were to raise awareness of the phenomenon of violence, to facilitate communication within the educational system, to develop group cohesion, to strengthen the positive climate within the classroom and to turn diversity to account.

The seminar was held on 30 April 2015 and involved the participation of 25 students and presentations by two psychologists-psychotherapists and two social workers-family therapists. Children worked in small teams and, in evaluating the seminar, said they found it very interesting.


Initiatives and activities for Local Communities

We capitalize on our resources and partnerships to create sustainable value at every stage of our operation. We focus not only on what we do, but also on how we do it, ensuring our substantial contribution to local communities.

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