Sustainability of local communities

Elefsina: European Capital of Culture 2021!

Elefsina (or Eleusis) has already been proclaimed European Capital of Culture for 2021 (along with Novi Sad, Serbia and Timișoara, Romania) and we are doubly proud about it!

Firstly, because a Greek city –close to one of our plants– shall host this important event, after Thessaloniki in 1997 and Patra in 2006; secondly, because we were active and keen supporters of this candidacy.

Indeed, from the very first moment, we were on the side of the local authorities, fervently supporting the decision to submit this claim. Responding to the invitation of the Municipality of Elefsina, we assumed a key role in mobilizing the business community of Elefsina and the broader region of Thriasio Pedio (the Thriasian Plain), so that the support that this vital part of the local community can offer to the city’s candidacy could be expressed through actions.

Surrounded by new “allies”, we undertook the establishment of a coordinating body, involving our own participation but also that of the companies CHROTEX, METRON Energy Applications and Polyeco, Elefsina Business Park S.A., the Union of Self-Employed Professionals, Small and Medium Sized Industries and Merchants of Thriasio & Surrounding Areas, the Association of Merchants of Elefsina & Surrounding Areas and the Federation of Self-Employed Professionals and Small and Medium Sized Industries of Western Attiki.     

The result of this partnership was the drafting of a declaration in support of the Elefsina candidacy, which was presented at a special event and gathered more than 130 signatures of business persons, self-employed professionals, small and medium sized industry owners and merchants who operate in the area. The declaration was a key feature of the candidacy file.

The complete file entitled “Transition to Euphoria” –which embodies comprehensive and documented information and a visionary view of how Elefsina can become a model city for the future thanks to its rich archaeological past and active present– was submitted to the 12-member Trans-European Committee of Experts, which eventually chose Elefsina as the European Capital of Culture 2021.


Initiatives and activities for Local Communities

We capitalize on our resources and partnerships to create sustainable value at every stage of our operation. We focus not only on what we do, but also on how we do it, ensuring our substantial contribution to local communities.

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